Memories on Videotape #L001

Memories on Videotape #L001


Memories on Videotape #L001 by Studio Gilles Werbrouck

The lamp is designed around 3 key elements: 

  • Square wood base that was torch burnt giving it a shou-sugi-ban effect.
  • Thin metal tube bent at a 90° angle. 
  • VHS-tape crochet in a circle then pressed flat. The wood base was burnt to give it texture and the black color keeping the process as natural as it could. The metal tube is used to display the circle at the right height to have the light shine through it once it’s on. The VHS tape is hand crochet then pressed to keep the design clean.


DIMENSIONS: 35x18x20 cm - 13.7"x7.1"x7.9"