Stratum Saxum Table

Stratum Saxum Table


By Daan De Wit Design Studio
Stratum: Layer

Saxum: Rock

Two stones quietly balancing on top of each other. The serenity and eternal silence of rock prevails.



It all started in 2017, when I developed a technique that enabled me to convert a small amount of veneer into hollow, conical objects. A technique that requires little material and produces even less waste.

By laser cutting or water jetting sheet material into concentric layers and assembling them by hand, I obtain organically shaped objects which are handmade in my studio. They are produced in small scale and mostly on demand.Stratum Saxum is about the serenity and the eternal silence of rock and stone. It consists of a dining table and a stone as seating object.

Because of the glass tabletop, it is possible to look inside the table, which makes the sustainable and material conscious production technique even better. 




200cm x 110cm x 74cm - 78.7"x 43.3"x 29.1"